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Shareplay is a cluster organisation based in western Denmark for the Digital Visual Industries (film, TV, animation, computer games and creative app development).

Our aim is to create the right conditions for growth and innovation within the DVI cluster and to bring the competences of our members into play in terms of creating innovation and development within industry in general and the public sector.

Shareplay is financed by funds from Central Denmark Region and North Denmark Region.


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The Digital Visual Industry

An industry in growth


The digital visual industries are growing rapidly in Denmark and globally. Whilst industry in general has suffered during the financial criss, the digital visual industries created growth. Danish films, TV and gaming have achieved international calibre, impacting on turnover, employment and export.


Between 2009 and 2013, total employment rose by 39%, whilst turnover rose by 86%.


Of course, that does not mean that the digital visual industries do not face their share of problems. In common with all sectors, digitalisation and globalisation have made permanent changes to the landscape. Traditional business models have disappeared and new ones have taken their place with a level of dynamism never seen before.


There are major differences between how such changes will appear in certain sectors, such as film, TV, computer gaming and animation. Despite different backgrounds, they are all affected continuously by a range of trends. The film industry has over 100 years of history and an established infrastructure to give it ballast, yet digitalisation has brought major problems in the form of copying and falling sales of DVDs. By comparison, the computer gaming industry is only a few decades old, yet these are the very decades in which we witnessed the spread of PCs and game consoles in the home, followed by the internet and most recently tablets and smartphones. All the above have had a major impact on the computer gaming industry.


A recent survey performed by Ernst & Young “Creating growth – Measuring cultural and creative markets in the EU” showed that the creative digital industry in the EU accounts for 7.1 million jobs and turns over more than DKK 4,000 billion annually.


We are in a knowledge-based society that focuses on innovation and reinvention, areas in which the digital visual industries are particularly strong via their creativity and ability to create innovative solutions.

The strengths of the digital visual industries


Even though the various sectors differ, they are enjoying the general growth of the digital visual industries. That growth can be explained by three current trends in social economics.


The first is growing demand for creative content from consumers. Computer gaming, for example, was a niche until only a few years ago, yet is now extremely widespread. Everyone can play on their phone or tablet – not just in Denmark, but globally. That means that Danish games producers can develop games for such diverse market sectors as middle class Arabic women. The new digital distribution channels offer – quite literally – global scalable marketing opportunities for digital content producers.


The second is the growing demand in recent years for creative content from industry in general. Companies use creative content in its widest sense to attract customers and users, and to engage them in corporate brands. One example is LEGO, which no only sells plastic bricks, but also develops entire imaginary universes that can be explored on a number of digital and visual platforms (animation films, computer games, apps etc.).


The third trend is growing demand for digital and visual services from the public authorities. Interactive apps, film, games and animation are used by the health services as treatment aids, for patient communication and as part of complicated technical or surgical processes. And in this context, we have probably only seen the top of the iceberg so far.


Given these trends, digital visual content production is no longer a niche, but a universal lever for business development and innovation in the private and public sectors. What’s needed to promote the digital visual industries is therefore not just strengthening them as such, but improving the benefits they offer to society as a whole.


Are you interested in working with companies from the digital visual industries? Contact Shareplay for help to find the right business.


Shareplay is cluster organisation for western Denmark, working to create the conditions for innovation and growth for digital visual enterprises within film, TV, gaming, animation and creative app development. Shareplay consists of a network, insight and business services (business development, capital sourcing, matchmaking).


Shareplay is backed by a consortium consisting of Filmby Aarhus, Alexandra Instituttet, The Animation Workshop and Business Aalborg. The Shareplay secretariat is housed in Filmby Aarhus and is supplemented by three agents located in Aarhus, Viborg and Aalborg, in close proximity to the digital visual enterprises.



Since it was founded in 2010, Shareplay has built up a community for the digital visual cluster of over 1200 members, and held around 70 events open to the public throughout the two regions.


Shareplay is now moving on to the next phase of its development by building on its success so far, building bridges between digital visual enterprises and industry at large, plus the public sector.


Digital visual enterprises are especially good at creating insight and interaction using audiovisual narrative. Such skills are perfect for situations in which greater interaction and communication are needed based on engaging content.


Interactive Denmark

Shareplay, the Danish Producers Association and CAPNOVA are the founders of Interactive Denmark, a non-profit organisation providing business development services to entrepreneurs and established businesses. Shareplay operates in western Denmark on behalf of Interactive Denmark.



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